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Chicago Wedding Videographer

Heyyyyyooo folks! I'm Ray! (They/Them)

Your Travel-loving wedding videographer based in chicago, illinois

I'm an eccentric non-binary lesbian who is devoted to empowering underrepresented people, especially those who are breaking the social scripts of what a wedding is “supposed” to be.

I'm all about centering YOUR needs and YOUR joy in the wedding planning process. I'll craft a wedding film that feels right to you, while enthusiastically cheering you on the whole time. Your wedding video will capture your true essence, actually FEEL like you, and preserve the memory of your life, community, and values.

You should feel safe, seen, and affirmed on your wedding day.


The Replogle Experience

Affirmation at every turn.

Authentic portrayals of you and your partner.

Affection centered around consent.

I’m not just a bomb-ass videographer, I’m also a great hype man. Being filmed is a vulnerable experience, and that is something I keep in mind with every client I work with. My affirmations are specific, and always genuine.

I’ll never ask you to betray yourself with inauthentic poses or actions. As a non-binary person, gendered poses have always felt smothering to me, so it matters to me that there is room to breathe.

You and your partner will have full freedom to choose the level of spiciness that you feel comfortable displaying on camera. You’ll never hear pressure from me to do something you don’t want to. 

(It's "REP-low-gul")

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Replogle Studios is a Chicago-based wedding videography studio serving lovers all over Illinois, the midwest, and beyond! We are LGBTQ+ owned and affirming, we believe that Black Lives Matter, and we will enthusiastically celebrate all bodies, abilities, races, genders, sizes, and orientations.

This Shit Matters:

"Ray has become a lifelong friend and every step of their client experience felt personalized, true to us, and was obviously crafted with expertise and care. They went so far above and beyond for us, I feel a little silly that we ever considered booking anyone else for our wedding videography. Anyone (but LGBTQ+ people especially) would be lucky to have Ray capturing their wedding memories."

Jenni & Ali

"As a queer couple, it’s priceless to have that kind of support and empowerment from your vendor team."

"I cannot express how grateful I am to Ray! They took my engagement photos and filmed the video for my wedding. When some things out of anyone's control fell through for my wedding, Ray went above and beyond to make sure we had the best experience we could!  I highly recommend Replogle Studios; you will not be disappointed!"

Elizabeth and Ethan

"Professional, artistic, skilled — Ray is phenomenal!"

Cannot recommend Ray enough. The energy, enthusiasm, engagement were all off the charts. We had a pretty fun, rowdy group for our NYE wedding, and Ray was the perfect videographer for us.  They made suggestions/gave feedback the perfect amount--enough to be engaged but not pushy. One of the reasons our wedding was so special was the vendors we chose, and Ray is at the top of that list.

Sean and Bridget

"They were very active, getting tons of different angles + shots, somehow everywhere without being in the way."

Kind words

Ready for a joyful + affirming experience?!


You Deserve this

Shaan and Abi | 2021

By booking Replogle Studios, you not only get a gorgeously crafted film that preserves the memories of your wedding day love, community, and values, you ALSO get an affirming start-to-finish experience, a hype person, and a taste of what the future of the wedding industry looks like.