I take GREAT care to make sure your voice is heard throughout the entire process. From gathering a list of the loved ones you want (and DON'T want)  included, to your taste in music, to what I should wear to your wedding, your vision is the captain of this ship. I'm also pretty fun to hang out with :)

Here to help you feel seen, heard, and affirmed in your love

Wedding Videographer Chicago

Replogle Studios is a Chicago-based wedding videography studio serving lovers all over Illinois, the midwest, and beyond! We are LGBTQ+ owned and affirming, we believe that Black Lives Matter, and we will enthusiastically celebrate all bodies, abilities, races, genders, sizes, and orientations.

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As an anti-capitalist lesbian, I love to expand my world through consuming a wide variety of books, films, music, and art. I'm ever learning about the nuances and complexities of our world, and ever determined to make this planet an easier place for future generations. I'm a volunteer crisis counselor for The Trevor Project, and a financial supporter of Black Mamas Matter Alliance

I got my degree in Video Production and Theatrical Directing from Ball State University. I'm also a musician, a dog dad, and a huge fan of apple juice.

Hey, Meet Ray

(They/Them) Founder + Director

The goodest boy, Pockets checks in regularly to remind Ray that they are never doing enough. He is a Chihuahua/Terrier mix, a rescue, and a professional pinto bean. He is also an expert spelunker when it comes to couches, blankets, or other soft goods. He is a sock thief, cult leader, and has several charges of tax fraud. Pockets is a great listener, a great cuddle bug, an absolute coward, and a terrible guard dog. He is obsessed with LambChop in every shape and size.

Favorite fact: You can pop quinoa just like you pop corn
Interesting tidbit: I love kale. Munch munch munch
Fictional character I am most like: Wishbone

+ Meet Pockets!

(he/him) - Head of HR + Certified Vibe Checker

To tell the stories of our clients in the most truthful and beautiful ways we can imagine. What this looks like for us is using videography as a tool for imagining the world we want to live in. We want to live in a world where all love (especially queer love) is celebrated, and all bodies are seen as beautiful!


Silly and Sentimental: We believe that silliness is an effective tactic of cultivating a low-stress environment and meaningful connection, and that sentimentality is key ingredient in a powerful, memorable wedding film. Balancing these two elements is how we craft wedding films that our clients will cherish for decades


Inclusivity, Body-Positivity, Excellence, Creativity, and Playfulness. We recognize that videography and photography has been used as a weapon against marginalized people for as long as it has existed. We aim to disrupt that cycle through embodying our values in every phase of production.


Why a Frog?

Our logo is a formally dressed frog holding a camera, surrounded by a circle of lavender.

Frogs have recently become a symbol of queerness among internet groups, purportedly stemming from Alex Jones’ outrage about the liberals “putting chemicals in the water that are turning the freakin’ frogs gay”. Since then, memes have exploded across the internet, particularly among queer circles. Frogs are also able to change their genders under certain circumstances. This, along with their metamorphosis from tadpole to frog, makes them particularly relatable among trans communities.

Additionally, frogs are historically a creature associated with disgust or contempt, the opposite of what one might expect to want on the logo of a ~luxury~ wedding business. Using the frog in our logo is an act of resistance in an industry that demands perfection, “beauty”, and ~luxury~. We are actively defying expectation with our amphibian logo, just like our clients are defying expectations of whatever social script they find imposed upon them.

This makes frogs the perfect queer-coded little pal to be our love champion.

Obsessed with:

Making weird little sounds with my mouth

Favorite movie:

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Spotify Wrapped Top Artist 2023:

Demi Lovato

Favorite Book:

'Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World' by Vivek H Murthy MD

Fun Fact:

I'm a black belt in Budo Taijutsu

weird hobby:

Learning tricks on the Kendama

Favorite TV show:

The Owl House (R.I.P. Disney canceled it)

FUn Facts about Ray:

Ready for a joyful + affirming experience?!


You Deserve this

Shaan and Abi | 2021

By booking Replogle Studios, you not only get a gorgeously crafted film that preserves the memories of your wedding day love, community, and values, you ALSO get an affirming start-to-finish experience, a hype person, and a taste of what the future of the wedding industry looks like.